Not Just a Cartoon Anymore



Not just a cartoon anymore


For gamers who want to go directly to the fun and excitement of game play, there is now a quick way to do so. You can go directly to the account, putting your character directly up to Level 30. Also letting you play again if your account was banned.


What can this mean for you if you are a player just starting out? It means that you can play with high level players, getting your skill levels up without damaging any of your main accounts that you have worked hard to achieve. Bringing back your knowledge to your main account. You can also use the account as your main character.


For high level players, seeing as in League of Legends, high level players are not allowed to play along side low level players, this means that you are able to help out your lower level friends, showing them tips and tricks that you normally would not be able to.


 There are many different websites now offering the accounts. Normally ranging in price from $6.99 to $52.99 with instant delivery and all day/night support. Some offering warranties and replacement characters are banned from that character for whatever reason.


So if you are looking to power up quickly and learn from some of the better players, it might be to your advantage to invest in the account. Being careful to shop around on the different websites that are not available and making sure you get the best bang for you buck. For more info buy lol smurf account.